Our Mission


Empower Users

Give your users the ability to access information and reports at their fingertips. Have the flexibility to update their demographics at their convenience Give them the power to sign up to school activities and conferences wherever they are.


Solutions for You

We understand that each schools especially international and private schools have their own needs. So we give you the best valued solutions for your schools unique needs.


Optimize PS

Give your school the best advantage by having all your processes integrated and housed in one place. Have everything online for easy access and transparency of data within the organization.


Our Vision

"Make PowerSchool as the main source of student information and a way to communicate with students and parents"

This is the company’s mission and vision from the very beginning, PowerSchool being the center of all their systems and let other systems integrate with it. With the partnership of international and private schools, we formulated processes and plug ins that are all embedded inside PowerSchool. This enhances their PowerSchool experience even more.

We believe in storing all data in PowerSchool to eliminate paper works, empower our users, cost effective platform, transparent and accessible reporting of data.

We give a white globe support in every step of the way from implementation, training, customization, and project creation for our users.

Our Clients

Know about our clients, we are a woldwide corporate brand



Suzhou Singapore International School


Universal American School




Shanghai American School




Nansha College Preparatory Academy


Canadian Internation School of Beijing


Blue Valley School




American Community School



What makes us different from others? We give holistic solutions with strategy, design & technology.

Blue Valley School

"I’m so excited that our dream transcript is becoming a reality. We are very pleased with your work and we want to continue working with you on other PowerSchool projects."


"Keystone just started its new school year with 1,650 students and all went well, this actually relied on PowerSchool SIS which PSUG helped to implement, the customization works you've done based on our needs and also those plugins we used from PSUG."

ISB, Arisa

"CCA Plug in has made our sign ups for after school activities very easy for all our users in the school, especially parents and students! I want to thank the PSUG team for the support during the implementation and now it is just a breeze to set up and use!"

YKPAO, Colin

"With the Attendance Notice Plug, our admin office in the morning is not that busy with calls and emails for attendance of students. Everybody is accounted for in the school and calling and emailing parents in the morning was down to 20%!"